Student Handbook


Absences: If you are absent from school; your parent/guardian must call the absence hotline on the morning of your absence. The call in number is (313) 295-5783. Follow the prompts from the phone menu options. Please state your child's name, grade and reason for absence. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence and a phone call from West.

Articles not allowed in school: iPods, MP3 players, radios, cassette players, CD players, toy guns, water guns, squeeze bottles, knifes, firearms, weapons, electronic devices, balls, firecrackers, poppers, explosive devices, spraying devices, pagers, and CELLULAR PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED and will be confiscated. An adult must pick up confiscated items from school and your child will be disciplined per the Student Code of Conduct.

Athletic Teams: All members of athletic teams must have a grade point average of 2.0 or higher. This is a district policy. Expect progress reports every two weeks to be checked by the principal. There is an athletic fee of $90 per sport. Athletes must demonstrate appropriate character throughout their school day and returning from games. Poor character may result in dismissal from the team.

Bicycles: NO bicycles, rollerblades or skateboards at West Middle School. We are not able to secure any of these items.

Bell Schedule: our daily schedule: Focus (Reading), 1st hour, 2nd hour, 3rd hour, 4th hour, 5th hour, 6th hour...Lunch is divided into four 25 minute periods and takes place during the 4th and 5th hour each day. Four-minute passing time between classes.

Buses: Your bus ride is a privilege and not the responsibility of the district. It can and will be taken from you if you demonstrate inappropriate bus behavior.

Co-Curricular Activities: Science Olympiad, Junior Master Gardener, Newspaper, Spirit Week, Cultural Assemblies, Field Trips, Writing Contests, Yearbook.

Complaints or Concerns: If a student or parent has a concern about a school policy, the following procedure should be followed in order to resolve the problem as quickly at possible:

  • Contact the person with whom you have a complaint to discuss both sides of the story
  • Speak with the appropriate counselor
  • If the problem still exists, contact the Assistant Principal
  • If still unresolved, contact the Principal

Dances: Our student council sponsors dances and information is available during the school year. A West student may attend a school dance when the student has zero suspensions, no overdue books or fines and fewer than four detentions in the past card marking. The student cannot be missing more than 10 core class assignments from the past card marking.

Dress Code: We all must have pride in the way we dress in order to show we are from West Middle School. Anything worn that interferes with the learning of other students is not allowed. Students wearing "inappropriate" clothes will be sent to the office to call home for a change of clothing, sent to In-school suspension or suspended OUT OF SCHOOL if repeat offense.

These clothes or articles are considered inappropriate for school: DO NOT WEAR:

  • Low cut blouses/shirts
  • Slacks or shorts worn below the waist - NO SAGGING WHATSOEVER!
  • Obscene immoral or profane words or symbols
  • Bare midriffs, spaghetti straps
  • Tight Pants (including Yoga Pants, Jeggings, Tights, Spandex, etc.)
  • All shoes must have a back. No flip-flops or slides.
  • Underwear worn as outer clothing
  • Hats, bandanas, do-rags or head coverings
  • Clothes that promote violence, alcohol, tobacco, sex, or drug use
  • Gang colors, dress or gestures
  • Muscle shirts or tank tops
  • Shorts or skirts MUST be to the knee NOT EVEN WITH SPANDEX
  • Long chains on pants/wallets
  • Dog collars
  • Spiked collars or jewelry
  • Colored plastic wristbands
  • Blood, Knives or weapons depicted on clothing
  • Pajama pants or slippers
  • Facial/excessive body piercings
  • Straps or chains hanging from clothing
  • No unnatural hair
  • No spiked hair
  • Prison or jail clothing
  • South Park, Tool, Big Johnson, "69", playboy etc
  • Sleeveless shirts are okay as long as underclothing or bare chests (boys) are not showing.

Department Prep Times: This year the teachers will meet by departments. If you need to speak with a teacher at these times, call your counselor: 

  • ELECTIVES: Call Office (313) 295-5783
  • LANGUAGE ARTS: 1:40- 2:30
  • MATH: 12:40- 1:30 (7th), 12:10- 1:00 (8th)
  • READING: 10:10- 11:00
  • SCIENCE: 9:10- 10:10
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: 8:10- 9:00

Displays of Affection: We do not wish to see any public displays of affection between students. This includes holding hands, kissing, hugging, etc. This will result in detention or suspension.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Student Council, Ecology Club, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, National Junior Honor Society, Drama, Swimming, Uno Club, Scrabble Club ? ?

Farewell: This year we may sponsor an eighth grade farewell field trip to the Water Park. Current 8th grade students must have enough credits earned (passing) during the current school year to attend the farewell. They must also meet attendance, behavior, and other criteria to attend. You will receive more information during the year.

Fire Drills and Tornado Drills: Fire drills and tornado drills will be conducted periodically throughout the school year. Everyone will move in an orderly and silent manner to points directed by their teachers where attendance will be taken.

Food and Beverages at School: We take pride in West Middle School. Everyone must work together to keep our school attractive. Gum is not permitted at school. No food or drink is allowed in the halls or classroom unless authorized by the teacher. No open containers allowed in school except at lunch. Open beverages will be confiscated.

Homework: It is the student's responsibility to complete all homework assignments. A zero for the missing homework will be recorded in the grade book. If a student is absent one day, he/she is given one day to turn in assignments, two days absent two days to turn in assignments, etc. Parents should contact the counselor to request homework for absences of three days or longer. The teacher will notify parents when failure to turn in work becomes a problem. A conference will be held with the teachers, parent, student and principal, if this continues.

Identification Badges: Incoming students will be issued a student ID badge. These are to be worn every day at West Middle School in a visible place. This will be strictly enforced per Code of Conduct. They will have their bus information and will be checked periodically by the bus drivers. Replacements are $10. We recommend lanyards. WMS lanyards are available for $2.50.

Injuries: If you are injured during the school day, immediately tell the teacher who was there during the injury.

  • The teacher will fill out an accident report.
  • We will notify your parent when you come to the office accompanied by the teacher.
  • We can provide an ice pack, soap, bandages, etc. if needed.

Illness: If you are sick during the school day:

  • Tell your teacher so that he/she can write you a pass using your ID to go to the counseling office.
  • Let the counselor know why you are in the office.
  • The counselor will assist you in calling home and getting direction from your parent.
  • If your parent chooses to pick you up from school, you will be sent to your locker to gather your belongings.
  • Report back to the counseling office and you may leave after your parent signs you out of school. 

Lockers: Will be assigned to you with your combination numbers. Do not share your combination numbers or lockers. There is no sharing of lockers!!!

Lunch: The cost of lunch at West Middle School is $3.00. Milk is $. 35.

  • All students enter and choose a line for lunch...
  • You may sit where you choose in the cafeteria unless behavior is poor. Then you may have an assigned seat.
  • You must stay in that seat for the entire lunch time.
  • You may dispose of your trash in the containers that are brought to your table by lunch personnel. Do not throw food at the lunch barrel. Place it in the container.
  • We expect our lunch personnel to be treated with respect.
  • Throwing food will result in suspension
  • Once you arrive at school: You are not to leave the school grounds without permission...this includes walking to a friends' house to wait for him/her to get ready for school or going to the corner store or walking around the building. Whether you take the bus or you walk to school or are a car rider, you should arrive at the cafeteria doors. There you have a few options:
  • You must go to the cafeteria
  • You may purchase breakfast
  • You may go to the gym for 25 cents (This is a fundraiser for gym supplies and incentive field trips)

Passes From Class: Students are not issued planners this year due to cost.  Instead, each student will have a sticker attached to the back of their ID that will have room for teachers to sign up to 12 passes per trimester.  Students will receive a new sticker each trimester.

Parent/Teacher Conferences: Conferences are held three times a year, October and January/February, and May. Check your monthly calendar. If you need to speak to a teacher any other time, you may call the main office or counseling office and leave a message for an appointment.

Physical Education: Students must dress for physical education class. Students are REQUIRED to bring a separate combination lock for their gym lockers to secure their belongings. They are not to share lockers. Students will receive a copy of the gym rules that needs to be signed by a parent and returned. Failure to return will result in a disciplinary consequence. Any time your student is excused from physical education participation by a doctor, it needs to be in written form from the doctor. It would be helpful if the doctor includes the date your student can resume participation in physical education class. If the doctors' note states "Until Further Notice" or does not include the date your student can resume participation, then another note from the doctor will be required before your student will be permitted to participate.

Progress Reports: Progress reports are sent home the sixth week each thirteen week trimester.

School-Wide Assemblies: Good behavior is expected for all of our assemblies. All assemblies take place in the gym. A student may attend a school wide assembly when the student has zero suspensions during the current card marking; no overdue books or fines, the student has under four detentions in the current card marking and the student is not missing more than 10 core class assignments in the current card marking. The cost of assemblies is $1 to pay for the performance.

Tardy Policy

  • Tardies one, two and three: Warning from the teacher.
  • Tardies four and five: One hour detention after school per tardy.
  • Tardies six and up: Out of school suspension per tardy.

This policy is for six class periods including Focus. Each marking period students start with a clean slate! Students must be on time for school or it is considered a tardy. Students will receive an immediate lunch detention for being tardy to classes.

Telephone: If you need to use the telephone during the school day, you may ask your teacher to use one of your student ID hall passes to see your counselor. Your counselor will decide if your reason for calling home is adequate. NO CELL PHONES!

Morning Procedures: You may not enter the school building from any other entrance except the cafeteria entrance unless you arrive after 7:45 am in the morning. At 7:35 am, the lay personnel will open the triple doors and you may go to your locker and then to class. Please be courteous when you are leaving the cafeteria/gym area and keep track of your belongings. After 7:45 am, tardy students should enter the building through the counseling doors and report directly to the counselor's office for a sign-in pass. You must have a parent sign you in or a note from a parent explaining your tardiness to school. These passes do not excuse your tardiness!

Valuables at School: Students are responsible for their personal property. Personal property should be taken home after school and when at school kept in the student's personal locker. Be smart and take care of any valuable items by leaving them at home. NEVER leave valuables in unlocked gym lockers. YOU MUST HAVE A LOCK FOR YOUR GYM LOCKER! We are not responsible for lost valuables.

Vandalism: West prohibits the writing of graffiti or racial symbols or slurs on any items including notebooks, books, binders, clothing, homework, body, desks, bathrooms or any other object that is brought to school. Vandalism is a punishable offense up to expulsion from school.

For further information, please consult the  TAYLOR SCHOOL DISTRICT STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT .